Who we are







William (Bill) Folchetti

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Folchetti began his career in the US Army where he served 5 years as a Telecommunications/Satellite Equipment Technician. In this capacity he provided a leadership role in the continued operation of Telecom and Satellite systems in a number of locations in Europe. After an Honorable Discharge, Mr. Folchetti returned to school where he received his BS degree in Management Information Systems from the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. After graduation, he accepted a position with Telecom Service Center in Tampa as their Director of I/S. With Telecom Service Center, he lead a staff of 5 in operating and maintaining the systems that supported their Long Distance, Prepaid and wholesale operations. Later Mr. Folchetti joined Teleflex Systems where he was responsible for all operations, development and support of their software product

Plinio Cervantes

Chief Technology Officer

As Co-founder of EZCOM Technologies, Mr. Cervantes leads the Support and Development team in Billing System enhancements and integrations. He began his career with Genovese Drug Stores as IT Operations Supervisor in New York then moved to Florida and took a position as MIS Manager for The Breakers Palm Beach, Inc. where he had budget and forecasting responsibility for three key departments (I/S, Telecommunications, and Mail/Freight). Mr. Cervantes then accepted a position as Technical Services Manager for TeleManagement Services, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale, FL. where he managed a staff of technical employees that developed and maintained all I/S and Telecommunication procedures and controls. Mr. Cervantes later joined UNICOM Communications of Florida as an executive responsible for the development and implementation of all software and hardware for billing and customer care. Other executive and management responsibilities involved work for Fusion Telecom of Fort Lauderdale and Teleflex Systems of Boca Raton.

Edward Dunn Carroll

Chief Business Development Officer

Mr. Carroll designed, programmed and managed the installation of a telephone billing, customer care software system for Monroeville Telephone Company in 1980. Mr. Carroll transitioned the company through the 1984 Bell/AT&T divestiture. He was promoted to Vice President in 1987 and positioned the company for an acquisition/merger with Rochester Telephone Company (Frontier Corp.) in 1989. At Rochester, Mr. Carroll consolidated their 40 telephone companies located in 15 states onto a single hardware and software platform in one location. Mr. Carroll designed and staffed a large 7x24 100% uptime data center to provide toll rating, customer billing, and online customer care for all 40 telephone companies. In 1996, Mr. Carroll accepted the position of Chief Information Officer at Touch-1 Long Distance. During his tenure at Touch-1, he developed and implemented a LAN/WAN providing information support to over 600 employees located in a six building campus, as well as installed, tested, and converted a new billing software package.