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EZCOM provides real-time rating and web-based inquiry for your customers. This allows you to review an up-to-the-minute status of account(s) and make decisions based on today's data, not last month's.


VOIP providers face unique challenges like taxation, origination and termination identity (ip address).
EZCOM offers solutions for these and other problems in the VOIP area.


EZCOM allows for unlimited rate plans and user-definable local calling areas, free time can be allocated and tracked as calls are processed.

As with all EZCOM products, WIRELESS can be bundled together with other products.


EZVIEW is EZCOM’S electronic bill presentment (EBP) application for companies that wish to provide on-line billing information to their customers.
Customers can securely view billing information, download CDRS, and reprint invoices.


EZBILL CLOUD offers you all the features and functions of an in-house system without the cost and headaches of hardware, software, and additional personnel.
You have complete access to everything via the CLOUD. Now your organization can spend its time and money doing what it should (generating revenue and servicing customers) instead of worrying about hardware and software.